Vehicle Security & Tracking Systems

We fit Cobra Alarms and Immobilisers including full Cat 1, 2-1 upgrade as well as Canbus alarms.

We fit CobraTrak which uses the latest GPS and GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels.
Police liaison is conducted in local language through a network of Secure
Operating Centres across 36 European countries plus Russia and South Africa.

We also install the
CobraTrak Plus system which detects unauthorised movement of a vehicle when the ignition is switched off (e.g if the vehicle is towed away), or the higher end CobraTrak 5 system which has engine inhibit functionality, allowing Cobra to safely immobilise a stolen vehicle with Police authorisation.

All Cobra's proactive stolen vehicle systems automatically detect theft even when a thief has taken the vehicle keys. All of Cobra's vehicle tracking solutions are
Thatcham accredited and recognised by major insurers.


Upgrade to Web Location Services

The CobraTrak Plus and CobraTrak 5 service packages can also be upgraded to include the following functionality for a small additional fixed annual fee:

Web based location

  • Real time vehicle location via a simple password protected web application
  • Geofence facility allowing alerts to be set relative to vehicle movement in and out of a user definable area (entering, leaving or both)
  • A Self-set Transport Mode when travelling for instance by ferry, or Garage Mode when the vehicle is being serviced avoids generating false alerts