Electric Gates & Garage Doors

During the Autumn/Winter months is an ideal time to consider adding automation to a garage door or gates. LAS Installations will be able to install systems so that you have the convenience of opening your garage door from a remote or from inside your house. This gives you the convenience of driving straight out of your garage and not having to get out your vehicle to close the garage door.


In addition to the garage doors we provide expert installations of electric gates including automated opening systems and access control security. There are different options to opening or closing the gates which can be from a remote, pressure pad or key pad systems. These systems are convenient and practical. Automated gates can often be seen as a luxury, but in reality they help that the gates do their intended job, as so many people install gates to enhance security but quickly tire of opening and closing them, so just leave them wide open, effectively wasting their money. Automation of the gates makes opening and closing as simple as the touch of a button keeping your property secured as intended and also keeping yourself dry and warm when the great British weather is at its best!